Performance Adjustable Base System (Standalone)

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Our Performance adjustable base is the perfect complement to any mattress. Quickly and quietly adjust your bed and mattress into the perfect position for watching TV, gaming, reading, or relaxing.

Bundle with our VibraSonic Mattress for an immersive entertainment experience.


Backlit Wireless Remote

Wireless control with a convenient backlight allows you to individually adjust your head or feet elevation.

Preset Comfort

The base includes four optimal preset positions: Sleeping, Zero Gravity, Flat, and a re-programmable position to suit your unique entertainment needs.

USB Ports

When running low on power, plug in your devices to conveniently located dual USB ports under both sides of the bed.

Underbed LED Lighting

At the touch of a button, add ambient white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple light to your room.

Adjustable Legs with Platform-Friendly Design

Includes stacking 8”, 3”, and 2” legs to adjust overall deck height for leveling within an existing bed frame. Alternatively, legs can be removed and placed directly onto an existing platform frame.

Easy Fold Design

Folds in half for easy installation, moving, and storage.

Size: Twin XL
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Adjustable Base Control

Personalized Comfort

The optional Adjustable Base comes with a remote control with an array of features.

LED Lighting: Illuminate your room with soft, ambient lighting, ideal for safety, bedtime stories, or setting the mood.

Memory Modes: Save and recall your favorite positions effortlessly.

Lock Control: Keep your desired position secure.

Flat Mode: Quickly achieve a flat sleeping surface.

Zero Gravity Mode: Experience weightlessness for relaxation.

Positioning Controls: Fine-tune your base for reading, gaming, TV, or sleep.

What's Included

  • Adjustable Base
  • Adjustable Base Remote Control
  • 1x Power / Control Box
  • Power & Connection Cables
  • Our 30-Night Risk-Free Trial

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60 Nights

Try Your Mattress for 60 Nights, Worry Free

Experience risk-free sleep with our 60-night trial.

"I can't believe how immersive gaming has become with Beyond-Sleep's mattress. The built-in speakers bring my virtual world to life while the adjustable base keeps me comfortable during marathon gaming sessions."

James F. (Georgia)

"Movie nights have taken on a whole new dimension. The adjustable base lets me find the perfect viewing angle, and the speakers deliver cinema-quality audio. It's like having a private theater at home."

Sarah H. (Tennessee)

"Beyond-Sleep's mattress turns bedtime into an experience. The speakers make every night a soothing escape, while the adjustable base adds that touch of luxury to my sleep."

Robert F. (Kentucky)

– Mary W. (Michigan)

I love that my bed has a nice vibration massage if I want to relax. If I am not tired, I like listening to music through my bed, especially songs with really good beats! Lastly, having an adjustable bed frame is SO COOL, I love that I don't have to sleep flat!

– Hayden P. (Utah)

The bass in the mattress is a game changer my guy! I sleep with white noise every night (preferably thunderstorm sounds) and this freaking mattress not only sounds like you brought a thunderstorm inside your room but feels like you brought a thunderstorm inside your room.

– Robert E. (Kentucky)

The ability to use our sleep apps, listen to music, engage with Solfeggio frequency for relaxation, the mattress definitely helps us relax - get to sleep faster - and sleep deeper.

– Aurora W. (Michigan)

I like that my bed moves to whatever position I feel like sleeping or sitting in. It can basically turn into a couch with surround sound!

– Kyle R. (Utah)

The mattress and base improved my sleep and awake life a lot more than I expected. I know they recommend not having TVs in our bedrooms, but the mattress is incredible when listening to music or watching TV. I've also used it to wind down as it gets later in the evening.

– Matt C. (Oregon)

After lying down, I knew I wanted to listen to music exclusively on this mattress.

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