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Mission, Vision, & History


Beyond-Sleep's mission is to redefine the sleep experience by merging cutting-edge technology with comfort. We aim to disrupt the sleep industry with new technology while continuing to maintain the underlying foundation of maximum quality sleep.


Beyond-Sleeps vision is to become a global leader in sleep innovation, improving lives through restful nights and rejuvenating mornings. It strives to innovate in the sleep industry by providing new solutions that accommodate for a variety of a needs and experiences.

Company History

From a bold idea in 2015 to the leading edge of sleep technology, Beyond-Sleep's journey is one of innovation, growth, and commitment to sound sleep.

Core & Unique Selling Points

Beyond-Sleep stands apart with its VibraSonic technology, sustainable materials, and an experiential-centered design, ensuring every sleep is a relaxing journey. Some of the unique selling points offered by Beyond-Sleep that aren't available elsewhere include:
  • Built-In Subwoofers with Satellite Speakers for Immersive Experiences & Sleep
  • Connection to External Sound Devices for Using Your Favorite Devices
  • Built-in Sound Therapy and Integrated Vibration Massage Modes